Eti A. Valdez-Kaminsky, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapy


Psychotherapy for men and women of the ages 20-40 brings specific challenges and concerns around intimacy, identity, healing past experiences and career orientation. This stage of adulthood is critical to the development of a future sense of who you are as an adult in this culture.

Questions abound for both men and women: Will you marry and begin a family, remain single or struggle with relationships? Can you have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and potential mates or will long held psychological patterns continue to effect your social connections, and family relations?

Are you still physically able to do what you want in your life, still able to integrate fun and creativity into your busy life while managing education, career, parenting? Is your career satisfying to the extent that continuing in your current field feels OK and manageable for the life you hope to live? Do you fear changing career, despite self-knowledge to move on?

How does a greater understanding of one's psychology lead to an improved quality of life and more personal control in important areas of life?

These are intimacy, identity, personal growth and career questions and concerns that can be helped and understood with psychotherapy. They follow clear lines of development for young adults and middle adulthood.

My work with people in this age group shows that challenges and struggles can be transitioned into a productive way of utilizing one's self to attain intimacy, and to find a meaningful way to engage in life.