Eti A. Valdez-Kaminsky, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapy

Treatment Approaches

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This approach looks at how our thoughts affect our emotions and behavior. Many people have a tendency to think negatively about themselves and others.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps us learn to shift thought patterns to decrease criticism and increase neutral and/or positive thoughts about our lives, ourselves, and other people.


This approach looks at childhood experiences and family dynamics and how one's childhood affects adult lifestyles.

Also important are unconscious mental states which affect every person's daily functioning.

Psychodynamic therapy helps people become more aware of the ways their past affects their present, and helps people conceive of a new, future view of themselves and their life.


This approach acknowledges that people need positive regard and attention to help actualize their personal hopes and desires. It focuses on present life situations and how current issues can be avenues of growth through life's on-going challenges.

Existential therapy helps with understanding ways to expand our selves in relation to our sense of personal freedom, personal meaning and increased capacity for intimacy.